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  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Mold Removal
  • Property Renovations
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  • Full Interior Home Renovations

Mold Remediation Services Mountain View

Mold damage can result in hazardous threats to your property as well as your life. Hidden moisture is one of the main causes for the development of mold and many times remains untreated after the strike of water damage. Mold can lead to many health problems such as respiratory system failure, asthma, and bronchitis. Mold can easily be sited in interior sections of your property because it is a frequent component of the average household or workplace. It can increase to an agonizing amount and attain levels where it can start contaminating humans and pets, resulting in allergic reactions and respiratory viruses. Health problems caused by microbes from mold can result in neurological dysfunctions too. A well-timed reaction is the only solution to prevent these health hazards and financial fatalities by eliminating the mold from the your location and renovating the area to its original condition.

Proper mold testing and remediation is necessary to stop mold infestation in your household or office. For an effective and enduring result, it’s necessary that the infected are is handled with great care and by professionally trained and experienced mold remediation specialists. Water Damage Mountain View is the only trusted name for effective mold remediation services in California. All of our experts are fully trained, certified and professional. They use latest and most effective tools and non-toxic chemicals and fluids for mold testing, remediation, and prevention mold contamination. Proper odor control and sanitation is also performed by our damage restoration experts.

Water Damage Mountain View offers 24/7 emergency assistance for residential and commercial clients where properties need instant mold remediation without any further delay. Regardless if you call us day or night, weekend or public holidays we are available and working for you and your property’s safety from hazardous and life threatening mold infestations. Water Damage Mountain View is an insured, bonded and licensed company that deals directly with the insurance companies and will help you gain the maximum possible insurance claim that you can receive; the amount you expect and deserve from your insurance policy.

Water Damage Mountain View Mold Restoration Services:
• Mold Assessment and testing
• Mold Remediation and mitigation
• Moisture detection and demolition
• Prevention from Mold contamination
• Treatment and disinfection for mold contaminated areas
• Deodorization and Sanitization
• HEPA vacuum treatment